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There are a few ways you can connect to IRC: with an IRC program, through the Java Applet, or with CGI:IRC. The IRC program method is preferred, followed by the Java Applet, and CGI:IRC is a good backup if you can't or don't want to install an IRC program and the Java Applet doesn't work. Instructions for using all are below:

You'll need an IRC client installed on your computer, like mIRC. You'll need to add a new IRC server to it, the connection information is as follows:

Port: 6667

Once you connect, you'll need to join the channel with the following command:

/join #Evercrest

The Java Applet provides an interface almost like a regular CGI client, but without requiring an installation. It runs right through your browser. Just click here.

The Java Applet is slow and harder to use in general than an IRC Client program, so it probably shouldn't be your first choice, but it's there if you need it.

If you can't use an IRC client, and the Java Applet doesn't work for you, you can connect using EverCrest CGI:IRC using only your web browser, even from behind a firewall.

Click here to connect using CGI:IRC.

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